Preparing for the Subaru Fall Festival

Tree These past few weeks have been spent preparing for a Fall Festival at the end of the month. Most of my stock is complete, so I’m focusing on creating an amazing eye-catching display. The biggest project has been 2 of these fall trees. It took a couple days to make these bad boys, but I’m quiet excited about the final product. Yes they’re unusual, no they don’t look like real trees, but I think they have some flare. Even if you don’t love them, you’ll certainly notice them. Hopefully this will attract people to my booth.

A considerably smaller project was coming up with some unique hat stands to display my babies. This idea came from the lovely and talented Christian Stone. Just some gaudy candlesticks and a few ceramic platter and you’ve got yourself some stylish stands. I really want my space to have a feel to it. Not just a table with items for sale, but a view of a lifestyle. Hopefully all these touches will create that sensation. I’d love to see you there. Check out more info about the festival at


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