Photo session and shop updates


Lots of progress being made in both the digital and physical world. Yesterday my lovely photographer/roommate/boyfriend took photos of me modeling my hats for the shop. It was certainly a learning experience. Apparently I tend to look sad/angry (RBF) when I’m just standing there…probably something to work on. Also taking the photos in just the right light was tricky. I think we got some good ones in the end. You’re also getting an exciting view of our back patio #cementsquare #attemptedcitygarden.



Then there’s been lots of Etsy updating, some attempts at tweeting, and you, my sweet blog. For the Subaru Fall Festival this weekend(IN 4 DAYS!) I’m finishing up some other products like hand warmers, handmade books, and a gazillion sweet treats. At least I’m utilizing my pastry education a tiny bit.

Here’s what’s on my menu so far:

     Orange Pecan Brittle

     Cinnamon Apple Chips

     The Best Freaking Chocolate Cookies Ever.

     Fall Meringue Cookies

The countdown to the fall festival is on. I can feel my adrenaline slowly creeping upwards, but Friday I’ll be so antsy I probably won’t be able to sleep. Hope to see those from Philly at the show!

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