Day 11

Today was an awesome advent day. What initially looked like a tiny gift turned out to be two super usable, beautiful items. I suppose this goes with the whole ‘good things come in small packages” idea. Being only 5’ 2″, I agree.

day 11- wrapped

day 11- wrapped

First I opened the flatter of the two items. As soon as I saw the cloth Bauble Bar bag I got excited. Inside were a amber set of the Solitaire Gem Studs. They are pretty much perfect. I could wear them year-round for all occasions. Not too fancy or dull, match everything, these posts are incredible. I’d seen them before on the website and wasn’t sure they’d be of decent quality, but they are actually much nicer in person. They have a weight to them that makes it feel more luxe. I can’t wait to rock these.

day 11- Fresh Lip Treatment and Topaz  Studs

day 11- Fresh Lip Treatment and Amber Studs

Then I opened the small rectangular gift. Love love love my bestie. We’ve talked about the Fresh Sugar lip treatments a few times now. She knows I haven’t tried them. She knows I’m stupid. This stuff is the bomb-diggity. It is sheer and soft, never feels drying, and lasts quite a while. She chose Petal for me. I don’t know how she got the perfect color for me, but it is. It just slightly pinks my lips in a tone that is neither too red nor coral. I’ve been wearing it non stop since I opened it (admittedly not a long time).

To show how these two incredible gifts look on I’m adding this picture. I hope to add more of these in the future so you can get a better idea of how things look practically. The lighting wasn’t the best in this photo, you can’t really see the sweet hue that the lip treatment provides, nor the glitz of the earrings. I love both of these items and will be using them until the disintegrate.

Selfie with Petal lip treatment and topaz studs

Selfie with Petal lip treatment and amber studs

If you are interested in seeing what I sent my bestie Christian in the advent swap,  Her blog is currently focused on this advent adventure, but afterwards will become an incredible lifestyle blog. Honestly I can’t wait. I’m also going to plug her pinterest. It’s amazing. Christian has this incredible ability to capture exactly what’s going on, be it in fashion or food trends. Her seasonal boards capture the exact mood of that time of year. I always look forward to her pinnings. Check it

Don’t forget to check back daily for the latest gifts!