Burgundy & Cream Luncheon

burgundy cloche1 burgundy cloche2 burgundy cloche3 burgundy cloche4 burgundy cloche5

After a serious bout of Downton Abbey watching, I made this hat. Maybe thoughts of high tea and wondering though a large rolling estate got to me. A wide front brim with soft folds and an elegant line that accentuates your neck. I’m simply smitten with this burgundy and cream combo. Rich and light, not too predictable, I think it’s swell. Not to mention the gorgeous spray of feathers to spice things up.This luxurious hat is neither too fancy nor too simple. Wear it while you are canooed about on your family’s larger pond. Or just to the grocery store. 


This hat can be purchased here!
This will fit a 22 1/2″ circumference head or smaller
To measure your head, wrap the measuring tape around your head, right above your ears. Make sure it crosses the bump in the middle back of your head. Be sure not to pull it tight, we want this hat to be comfy. You should probably measure a few times, just to be sure.

Your hat comes housed in a lovely reusable box, good for storage, perfect for gifting. Though not as sturdy as a traditional hat box, this one comes without additional charge.

Each of my hats are original and hand blocked. They are created with the wearer in mind, for those looking for something wearable, but nowhere near plain. I take inspiration where it comes and am constantly thinking of new shapes and designs. I hope they speak to you.